Friday, March 24, 2017

Bringing Back The Memories with AIR SUPPLY

Setelah sempat tertunda 3 bulan lamanya, konser Duo Legendaris Air Supply akhirnya sukses digelar pada tanggal 3 Maret 2017 yang lalu di The Kasablanka Hall, Mall Kota Kasablanka, Jakarta Selatan. Semula konser ini rencananya digelar 3 Desember 2016, tapi karena kesehatan dari sang vokalis Russell Hitchcock yang menurun, Air Supply meminta Promotor Full Color Entertainment untuk menunda konser tersebut sampai tanggal 3 Maret 2017.

Malam itu The Kasablanka Hall dipadati oleh penonton yang sangat antusias ingin menyaksikan Konser Air Supply. Dari range umur, saya memperkirakan didominasi oleh penonton berumur diatas 30 sampai 50 tahun an. Ya, Air Supply adalah band yang mengalami masa Golden Years-nya pada akhir 80-an dan 90-an. Sepertinya hampir semua pecinta musik pada dekade itu hapal dengan hits-hits nya seperti ; “Making Love Out of Nothing at All”, “Without You”, “Every Woman” “Good Bye”, “Lost in Love” dan lain-lain. Lagu-lagu ballad Air Supply merajai chart-chart dan radio-radio station di manca negara pada masa itu.

Setidaknya ada 16 lagu yang dibawakan duo Soft Rock Air Supply dalam konser-nya kali ini. Musisi dan Penyanyi asal Australia ini membuka konsernya dengan “Sweet Dreams“, disusul “Even The Nights” dan “Just As I am“.  Walaupun mereka masing-masing sudah berusia 66 tahun untuk Graham Cyril Russell dan 67 tahun untuk Russel Hitchcock, tapi penampilan mereka tetap prima, dan berhasil memberikan suguhan konser yang pasti akan selalu diingat oleh semua penggemar yang menyaksikan mereka pada malam itu.

Pada lagu-lagu berikutnya seperti “Every Woman“, “Here I Am“, “Chances“, “Good Bye“, “Free To Love“, “Two Less Lonely“, “The One That You Love” dan “Lost In Love” penonton terlihat tidak berhenti untuk ikut untuk ber-sing along. Rata-rata semua penonton yang datang sepertinya adalah fans berat dari Air Supply.

Puncak dari kemeriahan konser ini adalah waktu Graham dan Russell dan kawan-kawan memainkan “Making Love Out Of Nothing at All“, “Without You“, serta lagu berirama Rock N Roll “Shake It”, Koor Penonton semakin membahana di arena konser. Air Supply menutup konser malam itu dengan “All Out Of Love“.

Secara keseluruhan Konser yang mengusung tema ”Air Supply 40th Anniversary – Celebration of Love Concert” ini berlangsung lancar dan sukses. Penonton juga sangat antusias, terlihat semua kursi yang disediakan terisi penuh.

Air Supply Set List – Jakarta 3 Maret 2017

Sweet Dreams,
Even the Nights
Just I am
Every Woman
Here I am
Good Bye
Free To Love
Two Less Lonely
The One That You Love
Lost In Love
I Adore You
Making Love Out Of Nothing at All
Without You
Shake it
All Out of Love

Article by: CreativeDisc
Photography by: Erwin Wijanto

Saturday, January 7, 2017

The Sweet 17th of Olivia "Pink Wonderland" at Holiday Inn Kemayoran

We welcoming you to the "Pink Wonderland"of Olivia. Pink Wonderland is a beautiful and happy place for all. A place where a beautiful and kind princess live. She is princess Olivia. And tonight, the Princess is celebrating her sweet 17th birthday party.

You will feel the wonderland once you step into the ballroom gate. Flowers everywhere, a dreamy carriage with white horse where you can sit and take photos. And you will see a luxurious castle inside the ballroom.

The royal ballroom dancers start the party with their beautiful dance. The finale, they went to pick up our princess. The awaited Princess Olivia entered the wonderland ballroom with the ballroom dancers and two funny pantomime. She looked wonderful wearing a pink gown by Cynthia Tan. She greeted by two special MC, they are Jonathan and Rian from Full Color Party Star.

"Hi everyone, welcome to my Pink Wonderland party. Let's have fun together tonight.."

After a nice dinner with family and friends, the party continues with candle ceremony with Olivia's best friends. Each of them have their own special wish for the princess. They wish for her health, good luck, the best in her school and many more. There is also a sweet surprise for her. A prince charming has waited outside the ballroom and no one knows he was there. Prince Billy Davidson entered the wonderland ballroom carrying a bouquet for our Princess. Olivia can't stop smiling when she sees her prince standing beside her. Together with her family and Prince Billy, Olivia blow her 17th candle.

The wonderful night ends with a funny games by cabaret show and crazy disco time by DJ Josh. The princess dances together with her family and friends.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Exclusive Interview with Shane Filan from Westlife

Beautiful In White, Everything, My Love, Uptown Girl.. Kalian pasti tau banget sama lagu-lagu ini kan? Yap betul banget! Lagu-lagu tersebut adalah hits song dari Shane Filan dan Westlife!! 

All Westlife fans dan Filaners pasti kangen banget kan sama boygroup legendaris asal Irlandia ini? Guess what, Full Color Entertainment berhasil mengundang kembali Shane Filan ke Indonesia! Gak cuma sehari, Shane ada di Indonesia selama 9 hari! Dalam tur nya ke Indonesia, Shane tampil di beberapa kota dan event. Diantaranya konser di Medan dan Jakarta, serta special guest star di wedding dan birthday party. Dan Full Color Entertainment sempat berbincang-bincang dengan handsome singer ini. Penasaran? Keep reading guys!

Q: Hi shane! How was your day in Indonesia? What do u think about your show in Jakarta and the other cities?

SF:I love coming to Asia and in particular to Indonesia. The fans here are so friendly and welcoming. I had some great shows here on this trip and in the past. And I look forward to coming here again soon I hope. 

Q: Your song "beautiful in white" is so popular in indonesia, especially among couples. What do u think about that? 
SF: It's funny because I had no idea that Beautiful In White was so popular. I only found out when I came here a few years ago and people kept asking me about it and I went online and saw that it had millions of views on YouTube. It's nice to know that the song is so special for so many people. 

Q: What do u think about your fans in indonesia? Any message for them?
SF: As I said, the fans here are amazing. I always feel very welcome here and I want to say thank you to everyone who came to see my shows and I hope I will see you all again very soon. 

Q: Please give your quotes or comments for Full color
SF: Thanks to david and everyone at full colour for bringing me to Indonesia this time, and I will be back soon I hope. 

We are really hope that you will back again to Indonesia Shane! We love you! ^^

Shane Filan with Full Color Team :)

Shane Filan with Cynthia Tan. The designer of  his performance outfit.

Thank you so much for coming to Indonesia, Shane!

If you want to invite Shane Filan to your event, party or wedding, do not hesitate to call us Full Color Entertainment :) 

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Farren's Sweet 17th Birthday Party "The Magical Wonderland" (at Pullman Hotel Thamrin)

“The only way to achieve the impossible is to believe it is possible..”

Inspired by the movie Alice Through The Looking Glass, our birthday girl Farren wanted to create a magical and unique party, different with others. Located in Pullman Thamrin Hotel, we made a magical wonderland party that Farren wish for.

Let’s begin the adventure to “The Magical Wonderland”..

Just like Alice who go through lots of obstacle during her trip to Wonderland, the guests of Farren must go through it too before they reach Farren’s Wonderland.. First, they have to enter a haunted alley filled with creepy things, voices and ghosts. Believe me, you won’t dare to go there twice. And don’t get lost in the glass maze.  

Now, you have reach the end of the haunted alley. A cold breeze welcoming you and now you find yourself in the Wonderland! Welcome to Farren’s Wonderland, a place with lots of flowers, fun and magical things.

The long awaited Princess Farren entered the royal ballroom by magic! The great magician Marcel Wen present a very special magic trick, and at the end he present our princess from inside an empty box. Give big applause for Farren! Greeted on the stage by Edric Tjandra along with Rian from Full Color Party Star. Farren looks so stunning tonight with Red Alice Wonderland gown by Cynthia Tan.

“Welcome to my Wonderland. Let’s have fun together tonight!”

As I said, this Wonderland is full with surprises. A prince charming has waited Farren to give her a big surprise. It’s Shane Filan from Westlife! Shane Filan entered the ballroom with his unbelieveable charm and start to sing on the stage special for Farren and all guests. Shane performed his hits, Uptown Girl, My Love, Beautiful In White and more. And for the finale, Shane invited Farren on stage to sing a duet song with him. Shane Filan and Farren sing “Flying Without Wings”. It was so damn brilliant! A beautiful and unforgettable moment for all guests who see their collaboration.

We finally make Farren dream comes true by singing with her childhood idol Shane Filan from Westlife.

And last but not least, we have special performance by DJ WW from Blow Fish Resident doing a really great collaboration with DJ Josh from Full Color Party Star to begin the disco time. They start to play the music and makes everyone dancing under the disco ball, laser light and blitz.